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Our company has been a Dutch market leader in plant and flower seeds since 1888. Our new policy has helped us evolve into an internationally operating business, a process that started in 1993. We export our products to countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, England and Scandinavia as well as further away, such as South Africa, Qatar and the United States.

All our orders are produced at our Gaanderen site in the Netherlands, using the most modern machines in accordance with international standards. We use Laudenberg filling equipment, CPU seed mat production machines, seed ribbon machines, TTN tampon printing machines and a range of Illig blister packaging machines. All our products, seed bags, growing paper, seed mats, seed ribbons, giveaways, mini greenhouses, green gift displays and zinc mini buckets are subject to continuous quality monitoring by NAK-tuinbouw (the Dutch seed inspectorate).



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