Let the party grow!

Life should be a party, that is why we are proud to present our new product range: Let the party grow! In a world where you want to enjoy and have fun, we also need products for having that good time. Offering your guests or customers something special that they will remember and is sustainable.

The ‘Let the party grow’ assortment is introduced for all kind of events and consists of different products like seed paper whristbands, seed paper coasters, bottleneck seed packets, seed paper greeting cards and much more. Most of the products are biodegradable.

Interested in a sustainable promotion product with high quality or want to try a free sample? We like to make something special together.

For prices, samples or information, please contact us:

T +31 (0)315 345 113
E info@corthogreen.com

Let the party grow!


Team Corthogreen