On 23 September 2022, Corthogreen B.V. and Hupackso B.V. opened its doors to the public on the occasion of the Doetinchem Open Companies Day.

On arrival, you were kindly directed to the parking or bicycle shed. Upon entering the hall, owners Theo, Corné and Thomas Huntink stood ready for a warm welcome. Here you received coupons for a free drink after finishing the tour. A nice detail about this was that the coupons were printed on seed paper, one of Corthogreen’s products.

The tour through the company, which was mapped out to show you all aspects of the company, could begin. First, you walked past a wall where you could study all about the history of the Corthogreen company. On the other side, several products were displayed, which, together with explanations from employees, immediately gave you a good idea of the company’s core business. The tour then took you along the various production departments such as printing, packaging, seed bags, seed ribbons and seed paper. The employees very enthusiastically explained their daily operations and products of Corthogreen and Hupackso.

This not only showed how seed paper is made, dried, cut and printed, seed bags are filled and sealed at high speed, but also how efficiently products are assembled and packed. No matter in which department, everywhere you were welcomed with open arms. The employees’ manner of dedication and passion gave a very positive picture of the work climate within the company. After the tour, you could chat and enjoy a drink and a snack at the catering square.

The open day was successful, thanks in particular to all the efforts of the employees and with around 280 visitors. Corné and Thomas Huntink look back on this day with a positive feeling and will certainly open the doors again for visitors in the future.

Team CorthoGreen

Life should be a party, that is why we are proud to present our new product range: Let the party grow! In a world where you want to enjoy and have fun, we also need products for having that good time. Offering your guests or customers something special that they will remember and is sustainable.

The ‘Let the party grow’ assortment is introduced for all kind of events and consists of different products like seed paper whristbands, seed paper coasters, bottleneck seed packets, seed paper greeting cards and much more. Most of the products are biodegradable.

Interested in a sustainable promotion product with high quality or want to try a free sample? We like to make something special together.

For prices, samples or information, please contact us:

T +31 (0)315 345 113
E info@corthogreen.com

Let the party grow!


Team Corthogreen



First of all, on behalf of our entire team, we would like to welcome you to our renewed website. This website will inform you even better about our products, innovative ideas, developments within Corthogreen and all international trade fairs where we can be found.

What’s new?
– Corthogreen.com is now also available in the Polish language
– Clear overview between wholesale and promotional products
– More background information about Corthogreen. Such as information about our team, our promises and our rich history.
– Blog and news

We hope you enjoy reading it and welcome back to ouw website for future news and developments.

‘September 15, 1994 was a special date in the history of Corthogreen / Bulten Zaden. The Bulten family sold the company to Theo Huntink. So after 106 years not only the owner of the company changed, but the last generation of Bulten also disappeared. Theo was He worked in civil engineering and was looking for a new challenge, which he found in the takeover of Bulten Zaden.This fresh wind by the company was essential for the continued existence of this experienced company. In the meantime, the company has grown from a supplier of seeds to a total producer of seed-related articles and sustainable business gifts, with Theo as the chief CEO at the helm.

“Great to grow this company with my family and with a fantastic team of employees. In addition, I also want to thank all customers and relations for the cooperation in recent years. On to the next 25 years of Corthogreen, with new developments, great innovations and unique products. Keep growing ”!

On 18 and 19 September 2019, Corthogreen can be found at Festiwal Marketingu in Warsaw, Poland. The Super Gift competition is held every year during this fair. This year, Corthogreen has won second prize in seed category in the category gifts up to 5 PLN.

“This is a fantastic appreciation for the team, we are constantly working on new applications with the seed paper. Then it is great that this innovation does not go unnoticed at home and abroad. ” Says Thomas Huntink (responsible for product development at Corthogreen).

We hope to welcome you on 18 or 19 September in Warsaw. For free tickets you can register here: https://festiwalmarketingu.pl/formularz/