‘September 15, 1994 was a special date in the history of Corthogreen / Bulten Zaden. The Bulten family sold the company to Theo Huntink. So after 106 years not only the owner of the company changed, but the last generation of Bulten also disappeared. Theo was He worked in civil engineering and was looking for a new challenge, which he found in the takeover of Bulten Zaden.This fresh wind by the company was essential for the continued existence of this experienced company. In the meantime, the company has grown from a supplier of seeds to a total producer of seed-related articles and sustainable business gifts, with Theo as the chief CEO at the helm.

“Great to grow this company with my family and with a fantastic team of employees. In addition, I also want to thank all customers and relations for the cooperation in recent years. On to the next 25 years of Corthogreen, with new developments, great innovations and unique products. Keep growing ”!