Houd jij wel van een uitdaging? Mooi! Bij de printafdeling van Corthogreen is geen dag hetzelfde. Met onze speciaal ontwikkelde print machines, voorzie je ons zaadpapier van de mooiste prints.   Jij & jouw functie Als Print Operator ben je bediener, controleur, kwaliteit bewaarder en probleemoplosser in één. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor alles wat te […]

On 23 September 2022, Corthogreen B.V. and Hupackso B.V. opened its doors to the public on the occasion of the Doetinchem Open Companies Day. On arrival, you were kindly directed to the parking or bicycle shed. Upon entering the hall, owners Theo, Corné and Thomas Huntink stood ready for a warm welcome. Here you received […]

Life should be a party, that is why we are proud to present our new product range: Let the party grow! In a world where you want to enjoy and have fun, we also need products for having that good time. Offering your guests or customers something special that they will remember and is sustainable. […]

First of all, on behalf of our entire team, we would like to welcome you to our renewed website. This website will inform you even better about our products, innovative ideas, developments within Corthogreen and all international trade fairs where we can be found. What’s new? – Corthogreen.com is now also available in the Polish […]

‘September 15, 1994 was a special date in the history of Corthogreen / Bulten Zaden. The Bulten family sold the company to Theo Huntink. So after 106 years not only the owner of the company changed, but the last generation of Bulten also disappeared. Theo was He worked in civil engineering and was looking for […]